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Tootie Brush

The Essential - U Shaped TootieBrush

The Essential - U Shaped TootieBrush

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Upgrade your child's oral care routine with The Essential!
This can be used from birth (as a teether) through to 12years old
(when the brush heads are replaced). 
Imagine not having change your kids toothbrush handle for 12 years!!!!! 
The U-shaped children's toothbrush is crafted from food-grade silicone for safety and durability. Your children are brushing their teeth from birth with ease and independence. 
The toothbrush features a 45° U-shaped design, ensuring essential and effective cleaning with its perfectly balanced bristle configuration. The handle design offers ease of use and parental support with the brush head providing comprehensive brushing coverage.
Your package includes one Essential toothbrush with replaceable head, ready to provide excellent oral care for your child.
Brush head should be replaced every 3-6 months!* 

Key Features: 
  • Material: Made from top-grade FOOD SAFE silicone, guaranteeing a durable and reliable.
  • Size: Compact and convenient (10.5 x 5cm).
  • Comfortable Grip: The handle is designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. Parents able to brush with child guiding them to independence. 
  • Waterproof and Washable: This toothbrush is waterproof and washable, allowing for easy cleaning with water, ensuring optimal cleanliness and hygiene. Brush is a closed system - no bacteria or mold. Brush head  
  • Sterilizable: Extend brush life and sanitization in Dishwasher (TOP RACK ONLY) and baby sterilizer.   
  • Vibrant Colors and Comfortable Experience
  • 45° bristle brushing method: Designed with precision, the number and length of bristles on our toothbrush are perfectly balanced, allowing for an effective brushing technique. 
  • Tailored for Kids: Perfectly designed to suit the unique dental profile of children, prioritizing comfort and safety.


*Please replace if you see any structural or physical changes to the brush.  

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