About Us!!

This is a story... in a world where brushing teeth is an challenge. Two remarkable friends, a Dentist and a Speech Pathologist imagined and perfected The TootieBrush - The Essential. This brush expanded to now become The TootieBrush Collection to include toothbrushes for children and adults. These extraordinary toothbrushes, were designed to help all, especially those who struggle with brushing or have sensory challenges. With easy-to-grip handles for all hands, the TootieBrushes help people enjoy and love every brushing experience.

The E-Brush (adults and kids) expanded our collection with a remarkable transformation. The E- Brush unveiled featuring a U-shaped brush head that revolutionized dental care. This innovative design allowed for thorough cleaning of every nook and cranny. Soon after, the HydroFlosser (+Deluxe) emerged, making flossing a refreshing experience with its gentle water stream, leaving mouths feeling clean and invigorated. 

Let us help you create healthy beautiful smiles.



Keep Brushing!!! 

Chrissy & Katrina 

Directors & Founders of TootieBrush