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Welcome to our NDIS page!! Here you can access your NDIS funding for self-funded or plan-managed individuals!
We an Australian based company that provides a great range of quality toothbrushes and dental hygiene accessories, to assist people of all ages and abilities. Our Collection is high quality and shipped from our warehouse/showroom in Sydney, Australia. If you would like to order through NDIS please see the detailed instructions below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.
  1. Please add your items to the cart
  2. Once all items are added please proceed to checkout
  3. Please put your email address to receive your Tax Invoice and Tracking details.
  4. Ensure NDIS/Purchase Order number is inputted before proceeding. NAME ENTERED IS FOR NDIS CLIENT ONLY.
  5. Choose NDIS (Australia Only) as payment option for all orders. 
  6. The Tax Invoice will automatically be emailed to your email address.
    • For Plan Managed NDIS Customers: Please forward the Tax Invoice to your Plan Manager with your Invoice number as reference and they will pay us directly. 
  7. Payment is usually made to TootieBrush within 7 days.
  8. Once we receive payment we process and ship your order that day. You will receive an email when the Order is being processed and shipped.

Alternatively, if you wish, you may order and pay for your purchases directly on our online store. Once you have paid through our online store you will be issued a full Tax Invoice that you can use to claim funding.


Please note that your order is not confirmed until payment is received. A payable invoice will be sent to your email address. Items will only be held for 14 days then the order is cancelled. NDIS Payments are subject to NDIS approval.

We understand that navigating NDIS funding can be overwhelming, but worry not! Our expert staff is here to guide you through the process, ensuring you receive the support you deserve. Experience the convenience of our services while making the most of your NDIS plan. You can leave a comment with your requested products NDIS number and phone number and our staff will contact you and help you with your NDIS order.
Let's embark on your journey towards a more empowered future and brighter smile together!


The TootieBrush Team

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